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Enhancing Value for Customers through Innovative Offerings

Pursuing the mission of “Driving Business Innovation”, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is committed to continuously innovate and extend new frontiers that help businesses grow.

Empowering Organisations through Innovation

Offering the Freedom to Drive Business Growth

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, we aim to accelerate business growth by equipping our customers with the freedom to work smarter and more secure, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, we launched six innovative products, namely the ApeosPort C7070 / 5570 / C2560 / 3560 series and ApeosPort-VII 5021 / C4421 series, in June 2020.

The new products offer 360° data security to combat significant threats during the information management lifecycle, covering document creation, access rights for document sharing both internally and externally, and potential backup plans for all scanned documents to ensure business continuity. With the real-time predictive device management, potential faults can be anticipated and avoided, thus improving the overall printer effectiveness and reducing unexpected downtime. The redesigned User Interface (UI) encompasses advanced features, including an easy-to-use address book and one-touch applications. Users can also customise the workflow with familiar gestures of tapping, swiping and selecting, as well as other features. Supporting the concept of borderless workspaces, users can use the smartphone as a portable UI panel and set the job parameters remotely. They can start the job just by holding the smartphone near the Near Field Communication touch area, significantly reducing the wait time.


ApeosPort C7070 A3
colour multifunction printer


ApeosPort 5570 A3
monochrome multifunction printer


ApeosPort C2560 A3
colour multifunction printer


ApeosPort 3560 A3
monochrome multifunction printer


ApeosPort-VII 5021 A4
monochrome multifunction printer


ApeosPort-VII C4421 A4
colour multifunction printer

Building an Efficient Printing Environment for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In December 2020, we launched DocuPrint M385z, a monochrome printer that offers compact and practical office printing solution ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Designed as an all-in-one printer for printing, copying, faxing and scanning, the printer is capable of printing 50 pages per minute. Users can control access rights and usage of the machine with the Secure Print feature or manage costs by setting page limits.


DocuPrint M385z mono A4 multifunction printer

Enhancing Printing Business Productivity with
Cutting-edge Technology

In November 2020, we launched two new production printer models: Versant® 3100i Press and Versant® 180i Press at the “Unveiling the New Building Blocks of Opportunity” event.

The newly developed Air Suction Feeder as an add-on feature helps ensure stable paper feeding. Air is blown inside the tray through the side blower to separate the stacked paper sheets, which are then secured with the suction of the shuttle head using our exclusive technology. Any excessive sheets are separated using an air knife so that the paper can be transported sheet by sheet. The feeder can accommodate thick paper up to 400 g/m2 and long paper up to 330 x 1200 mm (simplex), meaning that challenging paper types can now be processed in a seamless way.

Expanding its long paper printing capabilities, Versant® 3100i Press can print long paper at a speed of 23 pages per minute, improved by 2.5 times compared to its predecessor. As for A4 paper printing, the printer can print 100 pages per minute with 2400 dots per inch (dpi) fine resolution. With its Full Width Array function, the image quality correction process before printing is automated for colour calibration and front and back registration adjustment.

As for Versant® 180i Press, it can print 19 pages of long paper per minute, doubling the speed as compared to its predecessor. For A4 paper printing, the printer can print 80 pages per minute with 2400 dpi fine resolution and automatic image quality correction using the Simple Image Quality Adjustment technology.

With these two new products, users can produce a wider variety of high-quality printed materials, strengthen their on-demand printing capability via automated process checking and correction and boost the productivity of their printing operation.


Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto (middle), Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and his management team attended the product launch event.


With the new feeder, Versant® newly launched products can handle a wide range of paper types, including thick and long paper, enable stable transportation of paper and improve productivity.


Visitors were impressed with the outstanding printing quality of Versant® newly launched products.


Versant® 3100i Press


Versant® 180i Press

Facilitating Remote Working with Enhanced Document Collaboration

In April 2020, Cryptobox, a one-stop document management, sharing, backup and encryption solution, was launched to help customers achieve electronic documents management in a remote work environment. Equipped with the enhanced protection offered by automatic multiple backups, Cryptobox ensures file security and prevents business disruptions. Documents can be uploaded with a simple click via computers, mobile phones or our multifunction printers. The innovative Smart button enables automatic document storage and naming in defined locations. It also generates auto notifications for uploading and editing of documents. With this solution, customers can create a simple and user-friendly document collaboration platform in one week’s time, accessing and monitoring shared files anytime and anywhere.


Cryptobox: One-stop Document Collaboration Platform

Award Recognition – IT PRO Corporate Choice 2020

As the pandemic has transformed the work styles across the world, we launched a series of business innovation solutions supporting the work-from-home mode, business continuity planning and cost saving successfully in Hong Kong and hence received the honour of IT PRO Corporate Choice 2020.

An example of these solutions is the Business Innovation Cloud that consists of print-related solution (Electronic Document Management Solutions), AI document classification and capturing solution (Capture and Flow Service), workflow automation solution (Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Management and e-Signature), as well as document repository solution (Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Box). These innovative solutions enable effective and flexible remote communication and collaboration, allowing employees to adjust their working hours or locations as needed.


The Business Innovation Solution was awarded with IT PRO Corporate Choice 2020.

Addressing Challenges through Customer Engagement Events

Offering Business Insights through Informative Webinars

Since COVID-19 has significantly limited our physical interactions with customers, we have hosted a series of webinars to share the latest business insights into digital transformation.

  • Restructuring · New Business Model Featuring Mobile, Digital Work Platform Online Seminar (August 2020)

    To show SMEs how they could utilise quick, easy and economical methods to automatically digitalise documents and create a cloud-based file access platform that would help them turn the pandemic crisis into business opportunities.

  • “Future of Digital Customer Communication” Webinar (October 2020)

    We discussed the importance of customer centricity with regard to digital platforms, and how organisations were bridging physical experiences and digital platforms with a unified approach to customer communications. We also shared some best practices in outbound digital communications.

  • “Driving ‘What's Next’ in Your Workplace” Webinar (October 2020)

    Together with speakers from Tech Research Asia, we explored what organisations could do to optimise workplace technologies that would flourish in the new flexible and digital work environment, so as to achieve greater automation and workflow efficiency and to drive returns with opportunities presented by emerging technologies.

  • “Boost Your Business Endpoint Efficiency & Security for 2021” Webinar (November 2020)

    During the webinar, we introduced file management solutions suitable for the participants, such as scanning, data recognition and encrypted filing. Insights were shared with participants to plan their budget and equipment needs for 2021, enabling employees to “work from anywhere” in an efficient and secure way.

Helping Sustainability Shine at Enterprises

Sustainability efforts should go beyond reporting and community philanthropic contributions, so businesses should streamline their reporting processes and enhance their internal sustainability communications. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, the world leading jewellery group founded 90 years ago, engaged our project team to formulate a long-term sustainability strategy, including a set of goals to be achieved in 10 years. As such, we offered the self-developed iESG 2.0 management tool to help the client strengthen its data governance and key performance management in accordance with the SEHK ESG Reporting Guide. Working closely together, the project team developed a sustainability strategy that reflects the vision, mission and core values of Chow Tai Fook and the UN SDGs. To achieve these goals, four priority areas were identified, including: 1) responsible sourcing, 2) craftsmanship, innovation and technology, 3) resource efficiency and carbon reduction and 4) people focused. Besides, insights from stakeholder engagement initiatives, materiality assessment and data performance were also included in its Sustainability Report 2019.

Using our iESG solution, Chow Tai Fook’s sustainability committee visualised data trends and analysis to help them make informed decisions and understand their progress. The expertise of the project team has also given the company a strong push towards its sustainability goals.


As a world leading jewellery group, Chow Tai Fook faces different challenges in pursuing sustainable operations.


iESG was adopted to strengthen ESG data governance and key performance management throughout Chow Tai Fook’s 10-year journey.

Optimising Business Innovation through Strategic Partnerships

Unlocking Document Management’s Potential with Cloud-based AI Platform

We strive to help SMEs to improve their business performance with our affordable, smart AI capturing solutions. Therefore, we announced a unique strategic partnership with Microsoft Hong Kong in June 2020 to present the Capture and Flow Service, a cloud-based capturing platform for business documents.

Sixty years of document management experience means that we know exactly how to support our customers in their daily operations. Bringing together document management, powerful AI and precise Optical Character Recognition (OCR) supported by Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, Capture and Flow Service leverages machine learning to turbo-charge platform, eliminating human errors while facilitating the generation of business insights. Our partnership with Microsoft Hong Kong has lowered the threshold for users to access advanced AI processing capabilities and enjoy the power of premier software as a service (SaaS) platform Microsoft Azure. The pay-as-you-go charging model also allows users to save more, enjoying cost-effective premium services comparable to those of million-dollar projects.


Ms. Serena Cheung, Director for One Commercial Partner and Small, Medium & Corporate Customers of Microsoft Hong Kong and Mr. Alan Chan, Marketing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong signed to confirm the start of the partnership.

Growing the SME Market with Combined Expertise

In February 2021, we announced a strategic partnership with HKBN Enterprise Solutions in Hong Kong, showing our commitment to leverage the power of combined expertise to assist SMEs in addressing complex challenges and capturing growth opportunities in the digital era. Combining our professional office printing equipment with HKBN’s technical support expertise, this partnership offers one-stop printing solutions covering document management, printing systems and technical support. With our cost-effective office essentials and automation support and HKBN’s full-service solutions that help streamline and digitise operations under the new normal, SMEs will be able to emerge from COVID-19 with more competitive edges and new opportunities.


We joined hands with HKBN Enterprise Solutions for a strategic win-win-win partnership with the local SME community.

Creating Values Built upon Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been the foundation of our operations. To ensure our products, solutions and services meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers, we have been adhering to our unique "3R+V" Customer First Strategy. Specifically, we expect our people to maintain a high level of "Reliability" and "Responsiveness" and work proactively to build "Relationships" and create "Value" for customers. From pre-sales consultation to project implementation, the whole business execution process guided by our Service Pledge is focused on helping customers accelerate their business growth and achieving excellent satisfaction level.

With our Service Pledge in mind, we saw the following achievements in FY2020:

  • Service recovery in 4 hours* reached an average level of 99.95%
  • Availability of 7x24 i-Support Service reached 99.9%
  • Exclusive Total Satisfaction Guarantee** pledge achieved 100%

Our dedication to and focus on Total Quality Management have earned us various awards, including the two most prestigious titles in Hong Kong: HKMA Quality Award organised by the Hong Kong Management Association in 1991 and Hong Kong Productivity and Quality Grand Awards 2009^ organised by the Trade and Industry Department. We are pleased to see that our commitment to quality management does not only turn our company into a productive and efficient organisation, but also ensures that we provide top-tier solutions and services to our customers.

* Customer offices along Mass Transit Railway (MTR) city routes
** Offer full confidence to our customers with our products
^ Since the company name changed on 1 April 2021, some recognitions and awards remain to be presented under the name of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited.