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Contributing to a Sustainable Society through Innovation and Business Engagement

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong is committed to promoting the development of the society and local communities by creating new value for our stakeholders through our innovative products, solutions and services and minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment with various sustainability initiatives.

Sharing Inspiration through Collaborating with Stakeholders

As an avid supporter of ESG development in Hong Kong, we work closely with industry professionals to promote ESG management while sharing our innovative initiatives with customers and other stakeholders via informative webinars.

At the online seminar “Climate Change Impacts & Decarbonising the Workspace” organised by CLP Smart Energy Connect on 14 October 2020, we were invited to share our carbon emissions reduction initiatives, which cover promoting circular economy and enhancing resource utilisation. We also elaborated our digital transformation strategies for energy efficiency and carbon management supported by smart office solutions. During the fruitful panel discussion, participants were inspired by the speakers’ insights into workspace decarbonisation.

Ms. Katherine Lau, General Manager of Corporate Quality & Sustainability from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and Mr. Alan Hung, Head of Strategy, Smart Energy Connect from CLP Innovation Enterprises Limited, had a fruitful discussion during the webinar.

Besides, we were pleased to be invited to speak at another online seminar “Apply for Hong Kong Green Organisation, Showcase Environmental Performance” organised by HKQAA on 19 November 2020, where we shared our carbon neutral operations and experience of obtaining the various certificates under the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification. These recognitions underline our commitment to upholding the highest standards in every process, product, solution and service.

Ms. Katherine Lau, General Manager of Corporate Quality & Sustainability from FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and Mr. KT Ting, Director of Strategic Services Development from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

In FY2020, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong continued to support the academia and students. For the second year, we served as the corporate advisor of final-year projects of the Environmental Management and Technology programme of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This collaboration allowed students to strengthen their academic knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experience in corporate sustainability. Our representative, who acted as the company coordinator, met the capstone project group monthly to keep track of their progress. At the final stage, the students presented their findings on the ESG information of Hong Kong listed companies as well as the opportunities to improve our locally developed ESG smart data management tool, iESG. The inspiring ideas proposed by the group provided a solid foundation for module development of iESG.

HKUST capstone project team members, professors and our representatives

The Way to SVP 2030

Adhering to Fujifilm Group’s SVP 2030, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong has been actively seeking ways to improve our environmental performance through benchmarking against sustainability pioneers and international standards.

In addition to the management systems mentioned in “Corporate Governance” section, we enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in our business operations through various initiatives. Energy review is conducted annually with the aid of energy tracking solution to evaluate energy data and identify areas for energy efficiency enhancement. Besides, with our print management solution ApeosWare My Document Portal (AMDP) PRO, we have successfully lowered the paper usage as well as our carbon emissions.

DOWNLOAD IMAGE Upgrade server systems
DOWNLOAD IMAGE Use real time energy tracking system
DOWNLOAD IMAGE Adopt energy efficient lighting devices and electrical appliances in offices
DOWNLOAD IMAGE Zone lighting devices
DOWNLOAD IMAGE Implement “earth hour” during lunch break every day
DOWNLOAD IMAGE Conduct “computer-off” checks

We become a carbon neutral operation in FY2014 by investing in carbon offset projects that would promote renewable energy. Under the Visible Green Initiatives, we purchase no less than 80 kg of carbon offsets for every compliment received. In FY2020, we were delighted to receive 3,290 compliments from customers and therefore purchased 715 tons of carbon credit to offset our footprint. These compliments not only motivated us to achieve service excellence, but also helped protect the environment.


Our Visible Green Initiatives in FY2020

To build a sustainable society, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation launched the “Green Value Products” certification programme in compliance with ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations in July 2018 to certify its products and services that meet specific criteria for environmental consciousness. The environmental value of each product is evaluated through an environmentally conscious design assessment. Based on the total score, the selected products are further reviewed and approved by the Group Certification Council and finally certified as Fujifilm Group “Green Value Products”. FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s products, such as the latest Apeos C8180 / C7580 / C6580 and ApeosPort Print C5570, were certified as environmentally conscious products that can effectively reduce the environmental impact.

We will continue to tackle the environmental challenges in our business processes along the value chain and to fully leverage our strong business model to create value for our customers and other stakeholders. We endeavour to reduce CO2 emissions across the entire lifecycle of products as well as the society by encouraging wider use of our low emissions products, solutions and services.


Impact on Business Processes along the Value Chain

Managing Green Supply Chains

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong attaches great importance to sustainability in our procurement process and supplier engagement. We actively engage suppliers who share our sustainable procurement concept and encourage them to actively minimise their environmental impact. We also have stringent measures to manage the environmental performance throughout the product lifecycle, covering the initial procurement, manufacturing process, customer usage and end-of-life disposal.

Contributing to “Zero” Environmental Impact

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is one of the major environmental challenges worldwide. Committed to achieving the goal of “Zero Landfill”, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong introduced the end-of-life resource recovery programme well before the implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in August 2018. In addition to proactively collecting used multifunction printers and consumables and under stricter recycling regulations worldwide, we have partnered with a local recycler instead of sending to the regional eco-manufacturing in Thailand since December 2018 to recycle used materials and reduce carbon emissions from the transboundary movement of WEEE.