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Building up Corporate Strengths with Diverse Work Styles

The sustainable growth of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong relies on its devoted workforce committed to value creation and social contribution.

Employee Engagement

We were delighted to obtain the Good Employer Charter 2020 and Family-friendly Good Employer 2020 certificates issued by the Workplace Consultation Promotion Division of Labour Department for the second consecutive years. These certificates recognised our commitment to good human resources management practices and a family-friendly culture in a harmonious workplace.
Besides, we were honoured to receive the Philanthropy Prize of InnoESG Prize 2020 presented by UNESCO Hong Kong Association Global Peace Centre, Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC, Rotary Action Group for Peace and SocietyNext Foundation in recognition of our contribution towards a more sustainable society.

The physical and mental well-being of our employees is one of our top priorities. In FY2020, we signed the Mental Health Workplace Charter jointly initiated by the Department of Health, the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Council as part of the government’s long-term promotion and public education effort to create a mental health-friendly society. Meanwhile, we received the Mental Health Friendly Supreme Organisation certificate for promoting mental well-being at the workplace and creating a friendly work environment for staff with mental distress.

To further heighten our employees’ awareness of mental health and to promote a positive attitude to life, we conducted virtual wellness talks and stress management workshops during the year, highlighting the importance of stress management and sharing tips and exercises that help reduce stress and anxiety.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of our employees became one of our prime responsibilities. We adopted the work-from-home arrangement for employees during the surge of confirmed cases in Hong Kong. When the office reopened, we also implemented flexible office hours and lunch time to minimise the risks. Besides, we maintained other hygiene measures, such as temperature monitoring at the building entrance, regular and frequent office cleaning and alcohol hand rub providing in the entrances and all meeting rooms.

In the first quarter of FY2020, we conducted four Do It Yourself (DIY) Fabric Mask Workshops, where participants learnt to make personally designed fabric masks for themselves and their family members and gained a better idea of personal hygiene and occupational health.


Participants were happy with their hand-made fabric masks.

Though we faced various business and public health challenges in FY2020, we always kept the importance of maintaining a positive work environment for our employees in mind. In additional to our regular festival gifts, such as rice dumplings at Dragon Boat Festival and mooncakes at Mid-Autumn Festival, we gave out the two-in-one cushion blankets to all employees to express our appreciation for their efforts and contribution. Besides, we offered a wide range of employee discount programmes throughout the year, covering cosmetics, food and beverage, photography and anti-pandemic products.

In order to minimise the risk of infection, most of our employee engagement programmes were conducted online, such as the one-week online Chinese New Year Bazaar that took place in January 2021 and offered a broad selection of seasonal snacks and festive food items at discounted prices.

Learning & Development

The New Normal for Learning

The pandemic has presented challenges as well as opportunities. Over the past year, we implemented flexible work arrangements, such as work-from-home and special shift rosters, which made our conventional training model infeasible. However, our Learning & Development (L&D) team actively explored alternative training tools to ensure balanced training opportunities for our employees. The L&D team collaborated closely with the Group’s regional headquarters to experiment with different training tools. Thanks for the regional support, we established an on-demand learning mode by putting self-developed e-learning materials on the Learning Management System and introducing online assessment to ensure learning effectiveness. The assessment results were then used to analyse the overall learning outcome and plan the future training.

The ICT Chef Workshop equipped the participants with the knowledge and skills of flying a drone.

Keeping the Passion for Learning Alive

Social distancing should never keep people away from learning. To foster an active learning atmosphere, we introduced the “L&D Monthly Calendar” on company intranet and have been sharing the hottest topics and useful learning materials through pop-up windows.

Apart from the targeted training activities, we offered on-demand support for required skillsets to facilitate our digital transformation. For example, we promoted and provided training in data management and presentation tools, such as business intelligence dashboard. The L&D team supported the initial development of functional dashboards before passing them on to functional teams with necessary knowledge and skills.

Pop-up Promotion of the "L&D Monthly Calendar"

From Trainee to Professional

In 2019, we recruited nine young talents to join our “Business Analyst Trainee Programme”. Throughout the one-year trainee period, they created great value for the business and developed their skills and competencies through a wide range of career exposure and comprehensive learning experiences, including the participation in three group projects and the acquisition of 37 professional ICT credentials.

Furthermore, they worked on various mission critical projects that gave them the opportunity to realise their potential and support business improvement with their innovative spirit. At the graduation ceremony, our top management were impressed by their presentation on business project achievements and personal growth. We will continue to support their career and competency development, grooming them to become professional leaders.


Business Analyst Trainees obtained IT certification.


Press interview by Ming Pao Jump that shared our plan to strengthen communications with customers and among teams, as well as our recruitment and training efforts during the pandemic.

Community Engagement

As a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, we have been working towards the SVP 2030 by alleviating our environmental impact and supporting social infrastructure that benefits people’s lives. We were delighted to be recognised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries under its “Industry Cares Recognition Scheme” for the fourth consecutive year. We also received the 3+ Year Award - Enterprise Group in 2020, which affirmed our effort in fulfilling our CSR.

In October 2020, we supported the “Caritas-Hong Kong Raffle Ticket Sale” again, raising funds for the organisation’s community services, including education, medical and social work services. In January 2021, we supported the “Lucky Money Wishes 2021” programme organised by Children’s Heart Foundation by engaging in the design of promotional materials and printing of red packets. In addition, donation boxes were installed in our offices to encourage our colleagues to donate red packets to children suffering from congenital heart diseases.

Poster for the “Lucky Money Wishes 2021” Programme

Despite the fact that many social contribution activities organised by NGOs were delayed and/or cancelled due to the pandemic, we continued to host our yearly Volunteer Network Gathering in May and June 2020 and took adequate preventive measures to protect the participants. Over 50 volunteers participated in the small-group workshops and knitted eco cup bags to be given out as gifts during visits. We hoped that through this fun and meaningful activity, our employees would adopt a greener lifestyle and bring their own bags.


Volunteers enjoyed the Eco Cup Bags Workshop and created their own cup bags.

Besides, we highly value natural environment conservation in our sustainability journey.

In April 2020, we supported the “Walk for Living Water 2020” organised by Amity Foundation, Hong Kong. Promoting the UN World Water Day, the walk aimed to help water-deprived communities in Southeast Asia and raise public awareness of water conservation. Due to the pandemic, the walk took place in an individual virtual walk challenge format where participants could join the walk at a safe place of their choice. Together with nearly 90 volunteers, we took more than 970,000 steps.

Promotion Banner for “Walk for Living Water 2020”

Due to the public health and safety concerns in this challenging environment, outdoor volunteer activities were not feasible. However, over 120 of our volunteers managed to serve for over 380 hours in FY2020. We highly appreciated their passionate support and kindness. Moving forward, we will continue to seize every opportunity to take care of our community and environment for a better and sustainable future.