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Creating and Utilizing Knowledge for Innovative Communication Work Styles

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is committed to providing products and services of the highest standard to support our customers in achieving business innovation, efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Material Issues Addressed by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Information Security
  • Eco Product
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Product Safety
Empowering Enterprises through Innovation
Acknowledging the information technology-related challenges encountered by enterprises, we strove to empower them to translate these challenges into business growth opportunities through innovative and value-added products, customized services and solutions during the year.

Enterprise Innovative Efficiency Capability Index – Driving Innovation at Workplace

In September 2017, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) launched the first-ever Enterprise Innovative Efficiency Capability Index (EIECI) in Hong Kong. Developed collaboratively with the Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the tool helps enterprises understand their capability to perform work in an efficient and innovative way. EIECI presents a new perspective on the efficiency performance of companies of all sizes, and sets an objective and consistent industry standard of innovative efficiency. It assesses an enterprise in five dimensions, namely Strategy, Customer-centric, Office Environment, Process and Empowered Employee (SCOPE). By introducing EIECI, we wanted to highlight the importance of enhancing efficiency through innovation to decision-makers and the management.

"One of our customers from the professional services industry participated in this EIECI survey. They said this index provides a useful framework for businesses to look at efficiency from another perspective. It also provides grounds to get resources and support on driving innovation in workplace and operation."
Mr. Herbert Hui
Managing Director
Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

In view of the significance EIECI can bring, we plan to conduct an EIECI research annually for local enterprises to evaluate and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They can adjust their strategies accordingly and in turn will strengthen their competitiveness. We hope that more enterprises will participate in the EIECI so that it can show a more accurate picture of the local business world and help Hong Kong become a highly innovative and efficient leader in the fierce international market.

(From right) Prof. W.B. Lee, Chair Professor and Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Mr. Herbert Hui, Managing Director of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited, and Mr. Jon Chung, Sales Consulting Business Director of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited, release the first-ever Enterprise Innovative Efficiency Capability Index in Hong Kong.

IridesseTM Production Press - First Six-color Print Engine Featuring Metallic Gold and Silver Dry Inks

In December 2017, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) presented a brand new production printer, IridesseTM Production Press, setting a new standard of digital printing with this industry-first single-pass, six-color print engine.

For the first time in the industry utilizing xerography, the new production printer IridesseTM Production Press with a six-color print engine can print different specialty colors, including metallic, with a single pass.

The IridesseTM Production Press adopts the world’s first xerographic six-color printing process that features around 1,000 patented technologies. The development of dry metallic ink allows users to choose two special colors (gold, silver, clear and white, which may be prioritized as needed) within one Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black (CMYK) printing process. It also supports Pantone Metallic and our exclusive new metallic colors, delivering several metallic shades simultaneously. The dry white ink will stand out with the highest coverage. Serving as the base-layer for CMYK dry link overlap and stamping, this boundary-breaking material will present new technical possibilities to the industry. This is a significate step to simplify finishing, as well as to save time. Customers can benefit from lower production cost in gold, silver and metallic color output. We believe that IridesseTM will set a new market standard and provide a wide platform for enterprise creativity and customer business enhancement.

Meanwhile, IridesseTM supports 400 gsm thick paper, offering greater flexibility in material selection. Together with the production binding machine, multi-creasing up to five lines/two-sided trimmer and square fold trimmer, the solution can produce professional brochures, folded flyers and even complicated folded leaflets. From simplex and auto duplex posters, books, packaging, commercial printing, labels and photo albums measuring 1.2 meter, to greeting cards, the powerful system helps clients explore new markets with an edge.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has launched a program to certify its own products and services that meet specific criteria on environmental consciousness as “Green Value Products” in a fresh effort to contribute to the establishment of sustainable society in July 2018. This certification program, complied with the ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations, defines environmental assessment criteria for each of the product category which the weight of assessment criteria varies according to product usage and characteristics from the perspective of product lifecycle. The program defines group-wide certification levels and publicizes products and services that meet certification criteria on the Group’s website, etc. Certification levels are “Diamond,” “Gold” and “Silver,” with “Diamond” being the highest level awarded to products and services that use innovative next-generation technology to significantly contribute to reducing environmental impact. IridesseTM Production Press meets the “Silver” levels of the program.

Mr. Willian Ho of Ma King Kee Diazo Printing & Co Limited:

The revolutionary Iridesse™ Production Press helps us expand the photobook and invitation card markets, allowing us to offer a more diversified service and product portfolio.

Mr. Keith Wong of Ideastore Limited:

I am impressed by the free combination of the first and sixth sets of gold, silver, white and clear inks. It does not only support various product designs, but also greatly improves the color registration, shades and printing speed. The thick paper and dark colored paper printing feature also allow us to produce different packaging and colored boxes.

Ms. Emily Cheung of Dg3 Asia Limited:

The gold, silver and CMYK colors produced by IridesseTM Production Press are incredible. The gold and silver colors are much better than those generated by the previous Color 1000i Press. Meanwhile, the timely and professional assistance of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)’s support team also gives us strong confidence.

Mr. William Ho of Fingerprint Limited:

We love the gold, silver and CMYK colors produced by IridesseTM Production Press, which eliminates the streak problem of dry ink. The products are smooth and shiny, and the printing quality has been significantly improved. With IridesseTM, we are able to produce book covers, banners and all kinds of promotional materials. We trust Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), who has been working with us closely for over 20 years.

Human Resources Management Solutions – Automating Recruitment in the Digital Era

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought more recruitment challenges. Addressing the demand for new methods and channels to identify talents, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) provides robust and flexible Human Resources Management (HRM) Solutions to assist Human Resources (HR) professionals and recruiters in managing high-volume recruitment with ease and locating the right people effectively.

The automated digital selection system can screen and score every application according to the same set of objective criteria in a blink while ensuring equal opportunities. The quick resume screening and e-interview portal also efficiently match candidates and employers, shortening the hiring process to 34 days on average and saving costs significantly. Companies will directly benefit from the faster onboarding process and less administrative works that boost their operational efficiency and productivity. The system can also be integrated with different internal systems to cater for different employer’s needs to further streamline the recruitment process and create a seamless HR platform.

The features of the HRM Solutions like Personnel, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Attendance, Leave, Security, Report and Statistics ensure efficient HR management.

Xpress Support Mobile App with New Features

With the aim of elevating user experience through innovation, we updated our Xpress Support Mobile App for users of Smart Device 2.0 in February 2018. A new Chat Room function was added, allowing customers to directly interact with our sales team and enjoy professional and responsive 7x24 support.

Customers can also contact the customer service center anytime, anywhere using the app, and get efficient remote support from experienced engineers. They may explain the problems to our engineers easily with photos and receive instant advice, minimizing the impact caused by system failure. Besides, users may check the engineers’ ID and photos on the mobile app to ensure security. The all-round features of Xpress Support allow users to check the service status quickly or to order printing paper and consumables with simple steps, enjoying a new level of seamless user experience.

Supporting Corporates to Embrace New Challenges

In addition to our efforts in providing innovative and high quality products in response to today’s competitive business landscape, we offer opportunities and platforms for corporates to learn and experience the latest technologies that help address ICT challenges.

Smart Business Conference 2017 – Introducing Latest Technologies

To introduce the latest IoT trends, we organized the Smart Business Conference 2017 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 4 July 2017 to help local businesses to enhance their competitive edge by embracing IoT and utilizing a series of customized cloud services and solutions.

The event brought together over 400 participants. Twelve experts from various innovative and technology organizations, including Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, Adobe, Bizagi Group Limited, ParaDM Company Limited, cherrypicks and Atos, were invited to share insights into data analytics, cyber security, digital transformation and process automation, advanced document management and AI in business. In addition, there was a panel discussion with four Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) experts from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Ever Harvest Group Holdings Limited, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and En-trak, to explore how ESG reporting would help identify risks and opportunities.

The event further showcased advanced office IoT technologies, such as various cyber security solutions, advanced document management and external collaboration, big data applications, business intelligence and printing and digital marketing applications. The features and strength of our Smart Device 2.0 and the proprietary Xpress solutions – Xpress Gateway, Xpress Flow and Xpress Support were demonstrated in the exhibition area.

A panel discussion is conducted on the topic of “ESG Disclosure Helps Identify Risk and Opportunities”.

SPARK Innovation Expo 2017 - A Gala of Transformative Inspiration

On 14 November 2017, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) held its annual SPARK Innovation Expo at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Themed “From Innovation to Change”, the Expo aimed to help businesses maximize efficiency and productivity with innovative solutions.

Around 400 participants were brought together and inspired by the innovative technologies, solutions and applications. While Mr. Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, discussed the role of agile innovation in streamlining business and Mr. Ricky Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong Television Network Limited, shared tips on growing business through innovation, the participants benefitted a lot from their insights. In the afternoon, a panel discussion brought together pioneers of new business models. The content enlightened participants on the secret of turning innovative ideas into reality. In addition, Din-Dong talked about his experience of manifesting high-impact creativity with the help of technologies while other innovative leaders demonstrated the power of analytics and chatbots.

Dr. Edwin Lee, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Ltd shares his experience of “How to Turn Innovative Ideas into Reality” at the Spark Innovation Expo 2017.

Seminars on Human Resources Management - Opening up Opportunities through Experience Sharing

In the rapidly changing business environment, corporate HR development has been a major driver of today’s economic growth. Through the “Seminar on Strategies and Latest Trends of Human Resources Management” on 11 August 2017, we invited HR and technology experts to share the latest trends of the job market and their experience in talent development with the use of HRM solutions.

The high mobility of the retail and catering sectors with a large volume of data to be reviewed during roster planning, attendance tracking and calculation of compensation leaves and monthly payroll pose heavy workload on HR teams. To cope with these challenges, we held the “Seminar on Human Resources Management: Retail and Food & Beverage Sectors” on 6 February 2018. We invited experts from different fields to share their valuable insight while we introduced various HRM solutions that would help businesses maximize their HRM efficiency.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Safety First

Striving to provide holistic services and deliver great experiences to our customers, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) strictly follows the customer satisfaction commitment valued by Fuji Xerox with the launch of Customer Satisfaction Guidelines in 2001. We are also meticulous about product safety according to the “safety first” principle so as to strengthen customer loyalty.

Provision of Safe, High-quality Products and Services

In order to consistently provide customers with safe and high-quality products, Fuji Xerox is committed to driving innovation in product safety. Therefore, the Basic Policies on Quality Assurance and the Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principles were published to ensure all products are safe and quality assurance activities are strictly in line with international standards. Throughout the product lifecycle, we use only materials that comply with the Green Procurement Standards. This internal voluntary standard addressing environmental pollution and toxicity also covers international and local regulatory requirements.

Fuji Xerox products with proven quality are delivered to various companies operating in the Asia-Pacific. In Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong), we conduct further control processes upon receiving information about these products to ensure they are safe and of high quality. We also provide on-the-job training regarding corporate regulatory compliance procedures, preventive measures against product safety incidents and continual product safety improvements for our employees, so as to promote the culture of product safety and raise customers’ awareness of safety issues.

Creating Values based on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)’s operation. Understanding customers’ needs and expectations are, therefore, crucial for us to provide suitable products, solutions and services and to build long-term customer relationships.

To ensure our products and services always meet our customers’ ever increasing demand, we have adhered to the unique “3R+V” Customer First Strategy. Moving forward, we expect all employees to maintain a high-level of “Reliability” and “Responsiveness”, to actively establish “Relationship”, and to create “Value” for customers. From pre-sales consultation to project implementation, the entire business execution process guided by our Service Pledge focuses on delivering remarkably satisfactory services that help customers to accelerate business growth.

Keeping our Service Pledge in mind, our achievements in FY2017 were as follows:

  • Four-hour service recovery reached 99.94% uptime assurance on average *
  • Availability of 7x24 iSupport Service reached 99.9%
  • Fulfillment of backup center for handling customer urgent request reached 99.9%
  • Exclusive Total Satisfaction Guarantee pledge reached 100%**

* Customer offices along MTR city routes
** Offer full confidence to our customers with most of our products

We also adopt various interactions, surveys, systems and processes to enhance the customer experience further. For years, we have implemented the “Initial Customer Care Program” under which our dedicated client consultants will make follow-up calls or visit customers on days 1, 7, 30, 60 and 90, and continue on a quarterly basis. Customer’s feedback is well managed under our unique Customer Feedback System, which encompasses follow up actions, analysis of customer feedback and anticipation of future customer requirements, to ensure instant responses during office hours.

Customer compliments are another important form of customer feedback, driving us to improve and excel further. In FY2017, we were delighted to receive over 12,900 compliments from our customers. Not only were these compliments a great motivation towards service excellence, they also helped to conserve the environment directly. Under our “Visible Green Initiatives” program, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) will purchase no less than 50 kg of carbon offsets for every compliment received to support a hydro project to promote water conservation. We purchased a total of 824 tonnes of carbon offsets by donating nearly HK$67,000 under this program in FY2017. We will continue with this initiative in FY2018 with an increase to 80 kg of carbon offsets (i.e. 30 kg more than the previous program) for every compliment received to support a wind or solar farm project to promote renewable energy.

FY2017 Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Visible Green Initiatives
FY2018 Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Visible Green Initiatives